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Dating vienna regulators

dating vienna regulators

Oddly, the majority of Viennas were not made in Austria but in Germany although the Becker factory, one of the most prolific manufacturers, was in Silesia, which is now in the Czech Republic.
Included are early, transitional, serpentine, altdeutsch, Baroque, and factory-made types from 1780 until about 1930, of one, two, sie sucht ihn mit telefonnummer and three-weight movements.
Sometimes, the term "Vienna regulator" is applied to German spring-driven wall clocks of a similar appearance but usually smaller size.
Commonly, they strike the hours and half hours on a gong (a coiled spring) attached to the cradle in the case.
A real Vienna is always weight-driven because unlike a spring, a weight provides a consistent power source.A curious thing is the subsidiary 'seconds' dial which is marked for 60 seconds but in most cases only takes 45 seconds for the hand to complete one revolution.However, they're less than half the price and look nice so you buy what you can afford.I am a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (.Broken gut lines can be replaced for 85 plus 20 per train.I am always interested in upgrading my collection and occasionally acquiring another quality Vienna Regulator. .

The lines of the clocks were finer, casework was narrower, and in general the clocks were more rectilinear than the later, often very ornate styles. .
The German Springer, mentioned above, is a different animal altogether.
E-Mail me if you have something to sell, a question about a clock you may have, or just to "chat" about Vienna Regulators.
The Vienna almost always has a large brass-faced pendulum bob hanging on a wooden shaft.My name is Dave Blackman.FOR sale " pages.The rarer and more valuable Viennas have three trains and so chime as well as strike.This organization promotes the science of watches and clocks. .